In addition to the electronic medical record and invoicing modules, Mediway offers a fully-integrated and very visual diary module.
Each user can set the parameters (scheduled hours, durations, etc.) according to their own preferences and decide whether to share their diary with the other members of the practice.

Differents views

This module can display the diary of a particular user or a multi-user diary (up to 10 parallel views).

Take Mediway with you and use it when you're away from your surgery. 

Our mobile applications, specially developed for iOS (iPhone) and Android phones, provide direct, real-time access to :

  • your diary
  • personal details about your patients, with the option of calling them directly.

Mediway, a product developed by Logival Informatique

Logival SA
Technopôle 10
3960 Sierre - Switzerland
T. +41 27 398 12 12
F. +41 27 398 75 12

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