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Doctors Samuel Gaillard and Wladyslaw Iwanowski, the founders and directors of Logival, have both been trained in medicine and IT.
Logival means, above all: a doctor's view of a doctor's requirements, total familiarity with every aspect of working in a medical practice, up-to-the-minute knowledge of IT, special attention to the security of your data, and the guarantee of meticulous, reliable work that is delivered on time.

Samuel Gaillard obtained his degree in medicine from the university of Geneva in 1994.
At the end of his hospital training, he set up his own medical practice. In parallel with this, he successfully completed a course in business IT at HES-SO Valais-Wallis in 2003. He then took a postgraduate course in medical IT at the university of Geneva (2004).
He worked part-time as a general practitioner while developing the medical record software, then closed his practice in March 2008 in order to devote himself fully to expanding Logival.

Samuel Gaillard is responsible for development, marketing and general consultancy.


Wladyslaw Iwanowski obtained his degree in medicine from the University of Lausanne in 1986. He soon turned to secondary education (chemistry, physics and IT) and from 2003 he managed the entire IT infrastructure of a high-school network consisting of around 100 workstations.  Beginning in 2007, Iwanowski progressively reduced his teaching load, ultimately devoting himself full time to the expansion of Logival in 2012.

Wladyslaw Iwanowski is responsible for computer networks and systems at Logival.


Their technical team comprises the following :

  • Adrien Dorsaz, Development Project Manager
  • Fatmir Bektovic, Developer and Helpdesk Specialist
  • Daniel Caloz, Developer and Helpdesk Specialist
  • Muriel Clerc, Helpdesk Specialist
  • Nicola De Palma, IT Manager
  • Célien Devanthéry, Developer and Helpdesk Specialist
  • Nicolas Elsig, Helpdesk Specialist
  • Clémentine Gaillard, Chief Financial Officer
  • Cathy Gay, Developer 
  • Audrey Halleux, Customer/Sales Assistant and Helpdesk Specialist
  • Yves Héritier, Customer Manager
  • Roger Imboden, Quality Manager and Developer
  • Marc Iwanowski, Administration Assistant
  • Jean Iwanowski-Waeber, Developer and Helpdesk Specialist
  • Nadine Waelti, Developer and Helpdesk Specialist
  • Thierry Walch, Mediway Hotline Manager
  • Danielle Zurlinden,  Sales Manager
  • Mathieu Farrand, Helpdesk Specialist
Mediway, a product developed by Logival Informatique

Logival SA
Technopôle 10
3960 Sierre - Switzerland
T. +41 27 398 12 12
F. +41 27 398 75 12

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