Electronic medical record

The electronic medical record software is the main module in the Mediway system, which also offers invoicing and diary functions.

Its simplicity and user-friendliness are very important features because they :

  • reduce the time spent learning how to use the system
  • increase enjoyment of the actual work

Mediway is completely adapted to the specific requirements of medical practice, and has been designed to comply with European standards (Switzerland included) concerning electronic health records (EN 13606). This ensures the long-term future of the software.


In particular, computerized prescribing allows the retrieval of useful drug information and the easy creation of prescriptions.


Using Mediway, you can retrieve results directly from your devices just as you do from most external laboratories.


The MediwayLab software connects your internal laboratory devices to receive analysis results directly into Mediway.




Mediway is the only outpatient medical system that interfaces with both of the E-Health systems currently operational in Switzerland: MonDossierMedical (Geneva) and Infomed (Valais).

Mediway, a product developed by Logival Informatique

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